Stump grinding:
If any stumps we are grinding contain any hard foreign objects within the stump that may damage the machine (eg. star
pickets, hard rocks, metal pipes etc), or the stump is growing onto, through or near other objects such as fencing, paving,
edging, driveways or any other object that may damage our machine, HPTL reserve the right to cease
grinding the stump. Our operator will endeavour to grind as close as possible to these objects.
We will NOT be held responsible for any damage to underground utilities, ie power, phone, water etc. HPTL will not be held
responsible for damage associated with flying rocks and debris etc to your property or your neighbour’s property whilst in the act of grinding.
The operator reserves the right to cease grinding if there is a risk of damage occurring to person or property.
We recommend that all vehicles and any object of value near the grinding site that can be removed, are removed as to
prevent any possible damage to these items.
We will not be responsible for cleaning walls, houses, or any structure that may become soiled through the grinding process,
as this can result in grindings or mud/dirt being flicked up onto said structures.
Upon completion of grinding, Grindings will be left on site in situ due to Workplace Health and Safety requirements (as holes cannot be left
Protected Vegetation:
Vegetation clearing falls within the definition of development (operational works) under the Integrated Planning Act 1997.
Property owners may require a permit to undertake vegetation clearing, removal of selective trees/plants or even pruning of protected trees.
Some developments also have specific development covenants or conditions of approval, such as building envelopes. Each council area will have
wildlife corridors, koala conservation areas, protected remnant vegetation etc that may restrict vegetation clearing or tree/plant removal.
Property owners proposing to clear vegetation or remove trees/plants or even prune protected trees are required to contact their council to
ascertain what orders are in place on their property.
HPTL will not accept liability and/or fines issued as a result of removing vegetation from a property where prior approval has not been sought
from council or we have not been notified in writing of any special conditions/restrictions with regard to the removal of vegetation.
If the property owner does not carry out the necessary checks with council or advise HPTL of any restrictions on the property prior to the
commencement of work, HPTL will seek to recover the cost of any fines incurred, or the recovery of any lost time from “stop work” actions being
applied. This will be charged at $440/hour up to the total value quoted.
By accepting any quote, you are legally advising HPTL management that you have contacted all relevant authorities and found there to be no
vegetation protection in place at the address or addresses where the work associated with the quote is to take place. You are also indemnifying
HPTL against any fines or legal action associated with the removal or pruning of protected vegetation.
Cancellation fees:
Booked jobs not cancelled or changed prior to 48 hours of to the job commencement date will incur a 10% cancellation fee.
Satisfaction on completed works:
We strive to ensure that all customers are satisfied with the works that are completed by HPTL. When
customers cannot be onsite and view the completed works it is crucial that they do inspect the works as soon as possible and advise the office
within 48 hours if works are not completed to their satisfaction.
Payment of final invoice on completion of works:
Balance of invoices must be paid within 7 days of job completion. Failure to do so may result in debt consolidation fees being applied to the invoice.

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